Noise and vibration

With Australia’s growing population, the community’s amenity is increasingly important. We can identify where your business might effect the amenity or health of the community to avoid complaint or meet your project approval conditions and licence requirements.


Involving our noise specialists in a project as early as possible can prevent noise becoming a problem, avoiding possible delays due to complaints or costly retrofitting if noise mitigation has not been built into design.

We run monitoring programs to keep tabs on construction or operational noise and get onto fixing it as soon as we observe a problem.

We develop a noise self-assessment tool specifically for your project “KNOWnoise” so you can proactively plan and manage noise impacts – without having to engage a consultant every time you need answers.

We model road and rail traffic noise, as well as industrial and construction impacts for environmental studies or designing infrastructure and use this valuable tool to optimise solutions without physical trial and error.


Though vibration can damage buildings in extreme situations, the community’s response can be just as damaging to a project’s deadlines at much lower levels.

Living in cities, the community is used to a level of noise from traffic and a busy lifestyle.  However, introducing vibration during construction or operation of your project may see your neighbours increasingly concerned.

We predict where vibration might be an issue, and work a solution to minimise its impact and avoid complaint. This will help you to keep working.

We monitor vibration before and during works to establish baselines and demonstrate compliance.

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