Environmental management

Environmental planning and management encompasses a wide range of disciplines and practices.

Hutchison Weller focuses on managing the environmental impacts our clients face when planning and delivering a project.

  • Navigating the labyrinth of  legislative requirements
  • Preparation of Review of Environmental Factor (REF) reports and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).
  • Compliance with project conditions, licences and community expectations
  • Proactively avoiding and effectively solving potential project delays due to heritage, endangered species, nature (wind and rain), and other on-site headaches

Hutchison Weller has a track record of making sure projects get to the starting blocks.

Working with project teams, liaising with approval agencies and building strong working relationships, we make sense of the detail in the planning frameworks and assist project teams in achieving planning approval to get started, whether REF/EIS or specialist reports such as noise and vibration assessments, or post-approval documentation such as Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) or their sub-plans and protocols.

Hutchison Weller can assist in all aspects of project compliance.

Managing conditions of approval can be time consuming, costly and often complex. We can assist in tracking compliance, while developing important relationships with government agencies and authorities, to ensure projects progress smoothly.

Site management

Hutchison Weller assists in all aspects of site environmental management, having experience in large infrastructure projects in both regional and metropolitan areas.  Our staff are happy to act as Environmental Management or Coordinators or assist as Independent Environmental Representatives or Acoustic Advisors.

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