Simply advanced DIY noise assessment

KNOWnoise™ quickly and simply provides your team with the tools to plan, assess and manage project noise impacts. Achieve cost and time savings by minimising the need for external consultants while getting immediate and accurate answers on construction noise impacts.

KNOWnoise™ is a project-specific self-assessment tool that fits into your management plan framework, providing great value as part of any out-of-hours work procedure.

Almost any combination of construction equipment, numbers and locations can be assessed by the tool for results at all receivers. Work can be programmed to minimise impacts on surrounding sensitive receivers while maximising efficiency of the construction process and program. Applications include:

  • Out of hours works
  • Rail possessions
  • ROL constraints
  • Unexpected tasks not included in the CNVMP

Make decisions in the field or around the conference table

The benefits of using KNOWnoise extend beyond saving money on noise impact assessments:

  • Achieve greater flexibility in planning, particularly out-of-hours works. No need to wait for a consultant to prepare a report.
  • Direct your resources where needed most – identify the worst impacts instantly.
  • Save the community consultation team valuable time – Identify specific receivers that may require notification or alternative accommodation.
  • Inform the community with a detailed understanding of the potential impacts.

Value-adding features

More than just a predicted noise level, KNOWnoise gives the project team:

  • The ability to assess virtually any combination of activity at any time or place.
  • A built in equipment list, that can be modified or augmented.
  • Detailed prediction results identifying exceedances, cumulative impacts and colour-coded risk profiles. This can also include ancillary facilities (compounds).
  • ‘Impact maps’ showing colour coded noise predictions and risk profiles.
  • A printable report for approval and record keeping.
  • Advice on compliance and control measures based on results and conditions of approval, Environment Protection Licenses or other licence or permit obligations.

Working together

Hutchison Weller works closely with the project team to tailor KNOWnoise™ features to your needs including:

  • user input that allows flexible and detailed activity input
  • location maps to readily identify where works are planned
  • predictions and analysis tools that match your compliance obligations
  • custom reporting for approval or auditing needs


Enquire about KNOWnoise today!

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