Simply advanced DIY noise assessment

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KNOWnoise™ quickly and simply provides your team with the tools to plan, assess and manage project noise impacts.

No consultation fees. No delays.

KNOWnoise™ is a project-specific self-assessment tool that fits into your management framework, providing great value as part of any out-of-hours work procedure.
Based on expert noise predictions using SoundPlan – you can have confidence the results are right.

Built on 3D terrain, includes all buildings, walls and features

Whatever your project location, modelling is accurate and ensures buildings, walls and topography care included.

Easy interface – anyone can use it

3 easy steps:
1: Select a date/time and describe your work
2: Select your equipment
3: Select a work location on the GoogleMaps interface

Brilliant results

See exactly where your impacts will be.
Detailed compliance tables.
Share maps and export the results as an excel spreadsheet.
Print a tailor-made report at the click of a button.
See your upcoming works in the calendar interface.

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