Hutchison Weller takes pride in adding value to projects, small and large, demonstrating technical accomplishment, innovative service and a strong client focus. This is reflected in the successes we bring our clients.

This section includes examples of relevant recent projects that demonstrate these attributes.

Level Crossing Removal Project –
Southern Program Alliance
Hutchison Weller developed KNOWnoise for this major Victorian project.  KNOWnoise™ will allow SPA to undertake its own noise impact assessments, saving time, money and maximising planning flexibility.
Northern Beaches Hospital Road Upgrade Project –
Ferrovial York
Hutchison Weller has been assisting Ferrovial York with environmental management since project commencement, including variations to the Environment Protection Licence, modifications to approvals, development of construction noise and vibration management plan, noise and vibration monitoring and delivery of KNOWnoise
WestConnex M4-M5 Link Mainline Tunnels –
Lend Lease Samsung Bouygues Joint Venture
Hutchison Weller is the Environmental Representative and Acoustic Advisor to this state significant infrastructure project. We oversee construction on behalf of the Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment to help the project team meet its obligations and achieve a successful outcome.
New Intercity Fleet (NIF) Maintenance Facility –
John Holland
John Holland is constructing a major rail facility at Kangy Angy on the Central Coast of NSW. We are happy to assist with the noise and vibration management plan, monitoring services and development of KNOWnoise for an important project in a sensitive environment.
Moorebank INtermodal Rail Link –
CPB Contractors

Hutchison Weller was the noise and vibration consultant to CPB Contractors on this State Significant Development in western Sydney.  The project involved earthworks, bridge construction, rail construction and out-of-hour activities.  Our services include noise monitoring, development of a project-wide CNVIS, and provision of noise prediction tools.
Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Precinct Upgrade –
Ventia Boral Amey
Batemans Bay Bridge Replacement –
John Holland
Hutchison Weller is proud to help Johnn Holland deliver this important project in Batemans Bay, NSW. We provide environmental management services and plans, KNOWnoise and ongoing acoustic advice throughout construction.
WestConnex M4-M5 Link Rozelle Interchange –
John Holland CPB Joint Venture
The sister project to the Mainline Tunnels, Rozelle interchange is part of the state significant WestConnex project. We oversee construction on behalf of the Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment to help the project team meet its obligations and achieve a successful outcome.
Blue Mountains Route Clearance Project –
Continuum Alliance (Transport for NSW, Lend Lease and CPB
The Blue Mountains Route Clearance project aims to prepare an historic rail corridor for the New INtercity Fleet, providing more space through tunnels and at stations. We helped the team assess the vibration and noise impacts of their activity and helped manage vibration levels at critical heritage locations.
Sydney Light Rail –
SLR DJV (Jacobs & GHG)

Hutchison Weller was the acoustic consutlant to the SLR DJV, providing acoustic services during the detailed design stage.  Acoustic services included rail operation and construction noise and vibration assessment and stabling yard impact assessment as part of the Operational Noise and Vibration Review, as well as advice regarding substations and plant.
Inland Rail: Parkes to Narromine –
INlink (BMD & Fulton Hogan)
Hutchison Weller is INLink’s acoustic consultant to the Parkes to Narromine section of the inland rail project in Western NSW.  We have assessed noise and vibration impacts for almost 100 km of construction corridor and provide environmental advice and monitoring services. 
Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade –
Lend Lease
Hutchison Weller is LendLease’s acoustic consultant to the Kingsford Smith Drive Upgrade in Brisbane. We deliver the CNVMP and provide environmental advice and monitoring services.
Stewardship Maintenance Constract, Western Sydney –
DM Roads
Hutchison Weller has been supporting the environmental management of this major road network maintenance and upgrade program. The team provides environmental planning and management services as well as technical noise and vibration services to achieve ambitious program goals whilst meeting environmental and community commitments.
NorthConnex –
Lend Lease Bouygues Joint Venture
One of our first projects as Hutchison Weller, we provide environmental management and acosutics services to this major project including monitoring, impact assessment, management plans and consistency assessment reviews. Hutchison Weller also developed KNOWnoise for the team.
Lord Howe Island Renewable Energy Project –
Lord Howe Island Board
The Lord Howe Island Board proposed construction of two wind turbine generators and a solar farm to reduce the island’s reliance on imported diesel. Hutchison Weller complete a wind farm noise assessment including monitoring and prediction to assist the Board with its planning.
Paper mill upgrades and major works –
Orora Paper and Recycling
Orora proactively manages noise impacts from its Matraville Paper Mill on surrounding neighbours. Hutchison Weller works with Orora to demonstrate compliance with noise limits, as well as plan, assess and manage upcoming major works including building demolition and waster water treatment plant construction .

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