The health and well-being of your staff is one of the highest business priorities.

Legally, economically and ethically, we should be looking out for each other whether in the office, on the manufacturing floor or a construction site. We can help to identify, assess and manage occupational risks including noise, air quality, thermal comfort, EMF and even poor lighting.

Noise exposure

One of the most common industrial diseases in Australia, Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), represents large economic costs to employers.  We survey your workplace to identify if NIHL poses a risk to you and your employees. We can measure actual exposure and assess the risks in line with the National Standard for Occupational Noise.
Where the risk is too high, we work together with you to implement practical and  economic solutions.

Air quality

Employers are obligated to meet strict work health and safety regulations for occupational exposure to airborne contaminants. Monitoring of workplace contaminant levels may need to be carried out if:

  • there is an uncertainty whether or not the exposure standard has been or may be exceeded, or
  • it is necessary to determine whether there is a risk to health.

We help you to understand if there is a risk to health and complete the monitoring to assess the actual impacts. Where the risks are too high, we can work together with you to implement practical and economic solutions.


Thermal comfort – too hot or too cold – and lighting levels can have a large impact on the satisfaction and productivity of employees and organisations are legally responsible for taking due care.
Thermal comfort is influenced by a number of environmental factors: air temperature, radiant temperature, humidity, and air movement as well as personal factors such as clothing and metabolic heat.

Good lighting is also need to allow people to work effectively without straining their eyes and to perform other tasks safely.

We measure and assess the levels of workplace thermal comfort and lighting, to make your workplace more productive and safer.

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